March 28, 2017
New SoundSkins USA Dealer Locator

New SoundSkins USA Dealer Locator

New SoundSkins USA Dealer Locator We have now reached a new milestone of 200 dealers across the United States we have integrated a new SoundSkins USA Dealer Locator to easily help find a local store near. The new dealer locator offers convenience of typing in your new city and it will automatically find a store within your region. All our dealers across the United States, Canada & Australia are now […]
November 13, 2015

SoundSkins USA Distribution by Perfectionist Auto Sound

Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security in Anchorage, Alaska, is pleased to announce the unveiling of our SoundSkins USA line of sound-deadening products. In our opinion, it will set a new standard for products in this category. Other brands are relying on technology developed over a decade ago. SoundSkins takes a new approach to sound-deadening. They apply the technology of products designed to eliminate low frequencies and products designed to eliminate higher frequencies, and build […]