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Tint World Teams Up With SoundSkins USA
November 25, 2017

Installing SoundSkins into a Peterbilt

Dealer Spotlight: Soundscape Car Audio, Tx.

Installing SoundSkins into a Peterbilt was a success for the Soundscape team! Soundscape has been apart of the SoundSkins team for two years, and is currently using our Pro, and Lite Material. They had recently traveled to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to do a full coverage install into a Peterbilt at Bolt Custom Trucks. They used a total of 35 rolls of SoundSkins in this project. The Peterbilt did not have its interior yet, so the install only took one day.

Installing SoundSkins Pro

Soundscape used about 17 rolls of SoundSkins Pro. One roll of Pro is 11 Sq. Ft. of coverage. The combination of buytl rubber, aluminum, and closed cell acoustic foam drastically decreases the amount of road noise, and vibrations the Peterbilt once had. This combination also improves the performance of the speakers, and overall sound inside the cab. The Pro’s three layer design makes the installation of sound deadener more efficient.

Installing SoundSkins Lite

Soundscape used 17 rolls of SoundSkins Lite as well in this install. The lite has 11 Sq. Ft. per roll as well, but it is cut into two halves for ease of use. The Lite is a thin compact design primarily used for the inner lining of the door skin. The lite only contains the buytl so it is a much thinner material but it is much more dense than the Pro material. Soundscape used both material interchangeably and even layered the two product creating the fullest coverage. 


As they say, “Form. Function. Results.”

Soundscape Car Audio won retailer of the year in 2015-2016. They have a beautifully crafted showroom, and shop. Their work is even more beautiful. They believe in investing their time, and energy into always learning and being better than before. “Everything they do from design to execution is to deliver performance that extends beyond expectations”. Their portfolio showcases some of their work, and the amount of attention to detail they provide. We are thankful to have Soundscape on our team!


If you are in need of professional installation in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area please contact Soundscape Car Audio at 972.424.8000